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It’s Magical!

September 12th, 2016 Posted by Point A 0 comments on “It’s Magical!”

My friend, CG, is a golf professional now eligible for the senior tour. She played on the LPGA tour and has been a teaching professional for the last 30 years. As the daughter of a golf professional with a brother who is also a golf professional, it’s not a stretch to say that golf is her life.

Two weeks ago she shot back-to-back 64’s and told me she is playing the best golf of her life. So good, in fact, that she is going to return to competing. She told me, “I’ve got it! I’ve finally stopped concerning myself with technique. I know I can get it on the green from just about anywhere. The game is more in my head than it ever was.”

I showed her a pre-publication copy of our book, Golf From Point A, and she demanded that I give it to her on the spot. She said she has read almost every golf book ever written, owns most of them, and considers herself to be well qualified to critique the book. I told her that a few changes were already in the works and she should wait until it’s officially published. She ignored me and leafed through it. She alternately smiled, nodded her head in agreement, or simply said after reading the limericks, and several section titles, “this is great!” She wouldn’t take no for an answer, so the book left with her and I was left with the promise that she’s a quick reader and it would be returned to me the next morning. I knew she was playing in a tournament the next day and fully expected to have the book back in my safekeeping by nightfall.


The following is the wholly unexpected text conversation between the two of us the next morning:

CG: I am loving the book!!! I love the “connect the dots…Or not. Point A to Point A to Point A could be shooting 50. “Why link shots together, they have nothing in common”. Brilliant. I also loved “The golf ball is a brainless, dimpled sphere of rubber that doesn’t know where it is…”

VL: Thanks. Play well today.

CG: I just had a warm-up on the range…OMG it feels magical.

VL: Enjoy!

CG: I’m at my club, playing a quick few practice holes before the tournament from the blue tees and I’m 4 under.

VL: Awesome

CG: I have zero thoughts and my rhythm is unreal.


I found myself asking what more could be said in support of Golf from Point A than a professional, admittedly playing the very best golf she has ever played before embracing Point A concepts, taking her already topnotch game to new heights with Point A thinking.



-Valerie Lazar


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